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Training and Equiping For Ministers for their work in Ministry and Chaplaincy.

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Dear Student Prospective,



Number #1. This is not a diploma mill. You must earn through diligent correspondent study, presentations of essays, thesis, and desertation or (based upon your lifetime work experience and ministry experience) you may be awarded an earned degree by the boards review and approval.  Your work experience  however must be proven and legitimate. Do not attempt to take advantage of an accredited training instution which is willing to provide you with the opportunity to receive an earned Christian accredited degree.


 God has placed the desire upon our heart to equip every believer and minister of the gospel with Christian education or training. Therefore I encourage you to carefully read and prayerfully examine our institute catalog.



You will find it both interesting and informative; and we assure you that the content is absolutely true, and that all our degrees are absolutely free and Christian accredited. Then as you pray for Godís will to be revealed,  should He prompt you to become a student of Emergency Response Training Institute, we will be happy to receive you after you send us proof of your high school education or GED. If you don't have a high school education but would like to study, so as to learn how to minister it is absolutely free and you are welcome to join us in your search of knowing God.



 Jesus World Fellowship Ministries inc. was founded by pastor, evangelist and teacher Dr. John D. Butler in 1989.  Cross Crusade Ministries was formed in 1980. We are chartered by the International Ministerial Association, and the Spirit of Truth Ministries as a 501-3c non-profit church, as a Evangelistic organization and also chartered by CFMI as a public charity ministry and Chaplaincy Training Institute. In addition, we have recently formed as a  mission and ministry called Emergency Response Chaplains Corps as a public charity. We believe that every church, pastor and ministry should get prepared, trained and equipped in crisis, disaster and emergency response on a local or state level so that they can help thier community, county, state or nation in a time of crisis or any major man-made or natural disaster. We are also chartered by Anchor Bay Evangelistic Association, as Emergency Response Chaplains Corps and their president is Dr. James Adams.



 Emergency Response Training Instituteis formally organized with a Board of Directors, Articles of Organization, Constitution, and By-Laws. We are affiliated with the Full Gospel of Christ Fellowship, Inc. for Tax-Exempt purposes and thus recognized by the I.R.S. as a non-profit 501(c) 3 organizations. Our Group Exemption Number (G.E.N.) is 3317 and our Employers Identification Number (E.I.N.) is 54-1669162. Jesus World Fellowship Ministries is also incorprated also in the state of NC. And the board of directors have also added an admendment that we also have an Emergency Response Chaplains Institute to train people in disaster prepardness, emergency response and becoming first responders at thier local community government level as volunteers.


In accordance with Rom.13:1-7, (sanctioning Human Government), Jesus World Bible Institute has been properly registered with The Council of Higher Education of the Commonwealth of Virginia who, because our offerings are entirely religious, has granted us an excluded status to carry on our activities of granting religious degrees. Thus, Jesus World Bible Institute is officially recognized at the state level also, with the right to confer religious degrees. We perform our work with the full knowledge of this official agency. We are accredited under The Spirit of Truth Bible Institute in Richmond Virginia. The Council of Higher Education James Monroe Building, 101 North Fourteenth St., Richmond, VA. 23219. The Spirit of Truth Bible Institute is also recorded in Washington, DC. as a Christian Accredited Institution.





Jesus World Bible Institute/DBA/Emergency Response Training Institute is for sincere Christians only who are dedicated to the Lord Jesus Christ and to winning souls. We subscribe to the highest Christian standards, and we expect our students to also reflect high moral and spiritual standards of a Holy life. We endeavor to provide leadership by training and example and experience. 


We urge our students to find a good local Church to fellowship and worship God with regularly, unless they are a Pastor in their own Church.  The Bible teaches us to so live as to never cast a reproach upon the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, or His Church. Our degrees are to be an honor to you, but we want you to likewise be an honor to our School and to the Lord.


The administration of Jesus World Bible Institute/DBA/Emergency Response Training Institute reserves the right to reject any student that we have good reason to believe is failing to live up to the Word of God standards. However, after genuine repentance and a period of counseling and restoration a student may be reinstated.






Jesus World Bible Institute/DBA/ Emergency Response Training Institute is open to all people and Christians of good moral character. We are happy to instruct and train Godís Children regardless of: Race, Nationality, Color, Cultural profile, Denominational background, Class, Gender, Economic status, or Ethnic Origin.


Every student is admitted to the same educational programs, rights, privileges, and honors. And this is in conformity to Civil Rights Act of 1964, but not because of it.




Jesus World Bible Institute/DBA/ Emergency Response Training Institute requires that students seeking admission either:


        Be a moral and mature person, who can demonstrate that they have the aptitude and capacity for doing the required work.


         #must mail in proof of high school education or scan it and email it to us to be enrolled.


         # Enrollment is your choice and at your pace. You decide. All we need is proof that you have a high school education or GED.






Most colleges and universities use what is known as a "semester hour/credit system".  Generally a credit is a semester hour. In a traditional Bible College, a semester hour is around 30 to 48 clock hours of classroom attendance.


Jesus World Bible Institute/DBA/ Emergency Response Training Institute is willing to accept the credits you have earned from other legitimate Christian Schools whether they are accredited or not, as long as they teach the Bible.


We have accepted transfer students from Rhema, Oral Roberts University, International Seminary, Logo Bible College, and Richmond Virginia Seminary.  Boston University School of Social Work, New Hampshire College, Roxbury Community College, State University of New York, Orange County Community College, etc. etc. etc.


Likewise, Jesus World Bible College/Emergency Response Training Institute credits have been acceptable at many other good schools, but whether a PARTICULAR school or agency will accept our credits and/or degrees is quite unpredictable. We cannot be responsible for the decisions and policies of others. It's a very subjective issue depending upon many circumstances. But I believe you will find most similar Bible schools will accept your degree from Jesus World Bible College


 "If you plan to apply for some state licensing or a faculty position at a particular educational institution, it would be best to first make an inquiry as to the requirements of that agency or school at which you wish your education to be recognized. It is sad, but because we believe in the separation of church and state we are not recognized by many secular state colleges."


"For example at this time, a degree in Counseling from Jesus World Bible College will not allow you to set up a formal practice as a licensed professional counselor and charge fees for your services in your state. To deal with stress, depression, anxiety, panic, phobias, and all kinds of sexual disorders for pay requires a State license and a secular degree."





Students who take our outline courses and send in their essays, thesis, and dissertations are entitled to their personal transcript from Jesus World Bible College,Emergency Response Training Institute upon request by the student. But you should wait until you have completed all your studies with us first. To enroll please mail or email proof of your high school diploma and education, depending on where you want to start and at what degree.







Enrolling in Jesus World Bible Institute/DBA/ Emergency Response Training Institute could be a special act of commitment to God and His Word in your life. Simply send us your request by email to join us and we will reply as soon as we receive proof of your education and then you can start start with  as soon as you want at your own pace: We will need your full name, age, years of experience, and type of work you have done along with two or three references that we can contact to confirm you walk and life for Christ.



 You can send information to us by E-Mail attachment, or Postal Mail.


Our email address is




                                              Jesus World Fellowship/Ministries/DBA/ Emergency Response Training Institute      

                                Dr. John D. Butler

                                                        P.O. Box 3332

                         Kinston, NC. 28502-3332